How to earn money back on all your online shopping

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Saving money on everyday goods and services and even luxuries is at the top of everyone’s agenda.  Cashback is a great way of saving money whenever you shop online or even in-store.

But what is ‘cashback’?  If you need to buy something online or you’re in the market for car or home insurance for example you can receive cashback by visiting first rather than going direct to the retailer.

So for example – if you know Mothercare sell the pram you have selected for your new arrival then by shopping via you will get around 5% in cashback.  It really is simple – when you’re on search for Mothercare then click through on the ‘Get Cashback’ button to open Mothercare’s site then shop as usual.  Your visit to the retailer is tracked and if you buy something a cashback amount is paid in to your cashback site account.  Your cashback can then be paid out as cash or get an extra 5% bonus if you choose one of the other payout methods from Tesco Clubcard points to Amazon gift cards.

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The rates of cashback you will receive vary by retailer for example Mothercare pay around 5% cashback and Kiddicare around 7% cashback.  If you’re looking for car insurance there are insurance providers offering up to and sometimes more than £60 per policy.

In fact TopCashback’s members earn on average £350 per year in cashback with some earning even more.

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Cashback Case Study:

topcashback case studyNicholas Giles, 36, from Wokingham is a Channel Renewals Manager. He is married with two young children, aged 10 and 8, and is also soon to be expecting a third. Since joining TopCashback 10 months ago, Nicholas has saved more than £370 cashback; the majority of which has come from purchasing household items and services for his new family home.

Having spent a considerable amount of money moving house this year, Nicholas has been more conscious than ever to save as much as he can on household set-up costs. By purchasing his house insurance, TV & broadband, telephone and electrical items, he managed to save himself just over £250 cashback alone. His biggest cashback to date was £151.50 for subscribing to Sky TV and broadband and £50.50 for taking out home insurance with service provider MORE TH>N, both via TopCashback.

Having a busy work schedule and a young family, Nicholas rarely has time to shop on the high-street. He prefers to shop online as it’s easier to find what he’s looking for and “the prices are usually much cheaper”. He also loves to earn cashback, explaining: “It’s free money for a couple of clicks; I love it – it’s great”.

Nicholas will always compare the market for the best prices, using comparison facilities such as TopCashback Compare, to find the best service that suits his needs, but that also offer the best value. Last time Nicholas used TopCashback Compare he saved himself £32.70 in cashback on his car insurance.

As well as purchasing household goods and services, Nicholas also shops for a range of other items including motor accessories, jewellery gifts, train tickets, hotel breaks, clothes and DIY tools. He likes to cash out his cashback straight into his bank account so he can use it to treat his wife to overnight hotel breaks.

Being a Tesco Clubcard user, Nicholas was delighted when given the option to exchange £50 of his cashback into Clubcard points. “I usually exchange my Clubcard points for Annual Merlin Attraction Passes for the family; £50 of my free cashback bought me one adult pass.” Retailing online at £159 per adult annual pass, Nicholas made a huge saving by exchanging his Clubcard points; essentially purchasing the pass for nothing, since the cashback was free.

Nicholas explains: “People can be quite pessimistic about cashback, so when I’m telling my friends about the site, I find it best just to log into my account and show them my cashback earnings. It’s nice to show people it’s real and it really does work – the money speaks for itself.”

See for yourself….

See for yourself how TopCashback’s members have saved by watching their latest TV advertisement that features real life TopCashback members:

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