How to pack for a family ski trip

packing for a family ski holiday

packing for a family ski holidayIf you’ve planned to hit the slopes this winter, a system for your packing is a holiday must as it’ll save you time, money and stress!

There’s a mountain of things to pack for a family ski holiday, from ski passes to socks; if you forget that one important item you’ll end up spending a fortune in the resort ski shop buying replacements and there won’t be a winter sale on there.

This is where a packing checklist is invaluable. Keep it, add to it, update and save it to use from year to year.

The following is based around a casual ski trip; numbers depend on access to laundering facilities.

Basics for everyone:

  • Ski gloves
  • Inner gloves really help keep in the warmth
  • Thermal leggings
  • Ski socks – take pop socks / knee high stockings in about 40 den. (these work well under ski boots) and keep you warm
  • Thermal t-shirt vest
  • Sports polo neck top for outdoor pursuits
  • Ski suit
  • Snow boots (you could travel in these as they’re bulky)
  • Warm ski hat/beanie and ear muffs
  • Scarf
  • Bum bag needed to carry money, lip salve, camera etc.
  • Sunglasses & sunglass cord (to avoid losing them if you tumble)
  • Goggles if you are happy to ski when it is snowing
  • Lip salve, facial UV protector sun lotion
  • Ski boots/skis/poles if you have them, otherwise they are easy to hire
  • Warm coat (you may want your ski jacket to double up as your coat)

Women add:

  • 1 dress/skirt, & 2 pairs of casual trousers – those little skirts that fit over jeans and trousers work well here, and jumper-type dresses over leggings look fabulous with snow boots
  • Thick tights to wear with skirt or dress with boots
  • 4 casual tops/fine knits (remember layering is key on a ski holiday)
  • 2 thick jumpers
  • 2 thin long sleeved t-shirt style tops to wear under jumpers and layering under casual tops
  • Casual shoes

Men add:

  • 4 Casual trousers
  • 3 casual tops/ fine knits/ polo shirts (long sleeved)
  • 2 thick jumpers
  • 3 shirts
  • 2 thin long sleeved t-shirt style tops to wear under jumpers and layering under casual tops
  • Belt
  • Casual shoes

If your hotel has spa facilities, remember to add: Swimming costume, gym gear, trainers.


Younger children invariably need more pairs of gloves and scarves as they get wet far more often.

When it comes to the snow gear, as children grow so quickly it often works out far cheaper to hire as much as possible as they will have outgrown everything between ski trips.

If you are travelling to the resort by car you may also like to check out our tips for travelling by car, as a long journey needs lots of things to keep them amused.

One final tip: have a dress rehearsal and make sure everything still fits or that the moths haven’t eaten their way through your favourite ski jumpers. Save time before leaving home by checking the ski resort website for opening times, registration details, special offers and events.

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