5 Recipes To Cook In Your Dishwasher Plus 3 Awesome Dishwasher Hacks


It sounds a little crazy and it certainly took us a little while to get our heads around it, but it is indeed possible to cook food using your dishwasher. We decided to investigate this further, and found some delicious recipes and dishwasher hacks for you all to try at home! 

What is dishwasher cooking?

Italian food writer Lisa Casali was one of the first people to introduce the concept of dishwasher cooking to a global audience. In her book “Cooking in the dishwasher: Taste, sustainability and saving with a revolutionary method”, Casali discusses how to safely cook food in your dishwasher, and gives us some insight to the benefits of doing so.

According to Casali, dishwasher cooking is,

“an innovative technique that allows you to have delicious dishes with fantastic taste and texture using low temperature.”

In summary, cooking with your dishwasher has the following advantages:

  1. Environmentally Friendly – Saves energy and water, which equals saving money
  2. Healthy and Nutritious Food – Cooking at a low temperature ensures there is no denaturation of proteins and it actually means you’ll use less salt & unnecessary fats when cooking your meals.
  3. Time Saving – You can actually cook some food and wash dishes at the same time, you just have to ensure you are using the appropriate cooking methods (see below)

How does dishwasher cooking actually work?

As indicated previously, dishwasher cooking is all about the use of low heat to cook your food in a healthier and more efficient way. Most tutorials that we found suggested that provided you aren’t washing dishes simultaneously, it is ok to wrap your food in tinfoil.

However, to be on the safe side, and especially when you are washing dishes and cooking at the same time, it has been recommended that you use mason jars, screw-tight jars, or vacuum bags, to achieve the safest and healthiest results possible.

Your food will be cooked at temperatures between 55 and 75 degrees when it is in the dishwasher, so although it may take a little longer, you can put it in with the dishes and then have clean cutlery and plates ready for your dinner. Perfect!

Lisa Casali also offers fantastic advice on what foods to cook at different temperatures. These basic guidelines can be used when determining how long to put certain foods in for and which cycles will be suited to particular vegetables and meats.

  • Eco Wash – red meat
  • Quick Wash – fish
  • Normal / Automatic Wash – white meat and shellfish
  • Intensive Wash – fruit, vegetables and white meat

5 amazing dishwasher recipes

Here are some recipes that you might like to try and cook with your washing machine.

1. Poached Salmon Fillet

Image source: http://www.thekitchn.com

Really simple easy recipe for a tasty, perfectly cooked salmon. Season the fillet, or fillets, with a little butter, some pepper and add a few slices of lemon, and a bit of dill. Wrap twice in aluminium foil. Full recipe guidelines and results here.

2. Crunchy Vegetables

Image source: http://homemakinghacks.com

Just pop your veggies into large mason jars and ensure the lids are securely fastened. Pop them in along with your dishes and salmon or other meat/fish. They should come out nice and crunchy!

3. Delicious Couscous


Dishwasher Cooking – Couscous – Lisa Casali from KINO Pelliconi on Vimeo.

This one comes straight from Lisa Casali herself. Homemade couscous which she prepares in this short video. She actually talks you through cooking with your dishwasher in general as well so it is definitely worth a watch.

4. Scrumptious Lasagna

Image source: www.cpaantoniosecola.com

Take your favourite lasagna recipe (get inspiration here) and make sure it is tightly enclosed by foil or a container so that no water can get in. Just pop it into the dishwasher and leave it to cook. You might not get a crunchy top but the filling should be perfectly cooked!

5. Yummy Poached Pears

Image source: http://www.npr.org

For something a little sweeter, try poaching pears in your dishwasher. Just put them into a mason jar or similarly sized jar. Screw on, or secure the lid and set it in beside your dishes to poach.

Awesome dishwasher hacks

Take a peek at some of these incredible hacks which could make your life so much easier. We love helping to save all our readers time and effort so hopefully after you’ve tried out some of the tasty recipes you’ll put these ‘hacks’ to the test

1. How to load your dishwasher effectively


Image source: http://www.buzzfeed.com

2. Use vinegar to clean your dishwasher

Image source: removeandreplace.com

3. Wash potatoes before cooking them

Image source: heavenlyhomemakers.com

Hopefully, you found some of these hacks and recipes useful. It’s amazing how you learn something new every day. Up until this morning, we had no idea you could do anything with a dishwasher than clean dishes, but how wrong we were!

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Do you have any other awesome hacks or recipes for the dishwasher? Comment below and let’s see what you can come up with!