Soak Up The Forest This Winter and Boost Your Senses


Brrrrr! The cold January and February days can leave us feeling a bit miserable. The comfy sofa beckons, staying in and watching TV and snuggling up seems the only option when faced with the icy fingers of Winter reaching for the back of our necks and slapping our cheeks.

When the sun is shining, there is nothing like getting out into the crisp cold air and Winter really does have its own character and just a small shift in mindset to get outside and enjoy what the season has to offer can bring a multitude of benefits.

What better way to bring your senses alive with a walk through one of the UK’s many forests, woodlands or parks. There are so many to choose from and children just love getting outdoors, whatever the weather.

A short break or one-off wander through the forest can engage all of your senses and what a great way to get the children to slow down, be mindful and really feel the benefits of what nature has to offer.

Five ways to let your senses come alive:

What can you hear?

Did you know that on cold, frozen ground sound travels further? This is because the sound is reflected and without all the big fluffy leaves on the trees, grass, foil and fauna the forest becomes bare, if you listen closely, you’ll hear the snaps of the twigs and if snowing the crunch as you step. If it’s windy, you’ll hear the eerie but peaceful sound of the wind whistling through the trees and the creaking of the trees. If you’re lucky you may here the tap, tap, tap of a woodpecker.

What can you see?

Frosty leaves, intricate patterns that coat the forest surfaces and animal tracks are just some of the beautiful vision the forest has to offer this time of year. Kids love to breathe out as the breath condenses to create stream. What animals and birds can you see on your walk? Take a moment to soak up the true beauty a Wintery woodland has to offer. As the sun is at a low angle and there are lower clouds you’ll witness some spectacular sunsets and sunrises of oranges, pinks and purples.

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What can you smell?

Little cold noses will have a harder time smelling the forest smells as our noses work less when the colder temperature takes hold but you may still be lucky enough to catch the smell of wood-smoke from fires or pines.

What can you feel?

If it’s snowing this is an easy one as you’ll be feeling snow and maybe the odd snowflake on the end of your nose. If this sun is out then bask in the glory of the warming Winter sun and top up your Vitamin D levels. The sun has such an incredible way of lifting our spirits and bringing fresh hope for the days ahead.

What can you taste?

There isn’t going to be much wild food available but a flask of hot chocolate, some marshmallows and a little snack are heaven on a cold, Winter’s day.

Now is the perfect time to get outside and explore all the Wintery delights the forest has to offer. Don’t forget to use code MFCJAN to ensure you get 10% off your Forest Holidays booking and code MFC19 for 5% off all year-round.